"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.” - Gary Snyder


The Metropolitan Greenspace Alliance (MGA) seeks to break the paradigm that nature and open space are not important in cities.

More people live in metropolitan regions today than ever before, and conserving nature in these regions is increasingly challenging, but also offers great opportunities. We must think about cities and the human-built environment as not being separate from, but rather interconnected with, the natural environment, and what that implies for people and nature in urban areas.

Numerous organizations currently represent ecological niches and their significance within cities, but there is increasing need for these organizations to share experiences and best practices, to become more interconnected. Some groups are just developing, whereas others are fully functioning. What is true for all, when working in the realm of wild and urban, is that you can't go it alone. MGA is a value adding tool for these groups and serves as a collaborative platform to support existing coalitions and to incubate and grow potential coalitions. In doing so, we aim to establish metropolitan conservation coalitions as the conduit for federal government and national foundation investments in green infrastructure in metropolitan regions.